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Dorkbot from SaltyCloud
Find web security holes
Dorkbot automatically finds, verifies, and notifies of SQLi, XSS, OSI, RFI/LFI,
and other web application vulnerabilities across your web domains.
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How it Works
Defends against web application attacks
Just point and go. Dorkbot is a fully hosted and automated application—no need to maintain anything on your end.

Dorkbot leaves no stone unturned. If it’s open to the world wide web, Dorkbot will leverage its arsenal of threat intel to find a way in.


Dorkbot doesn’t like to waste your time. Say goodbye to false positives, Dorkbot automatically tests all potential vulnerabilities and verifies them.


Dorkbot lets you take action immediately. Receive the offending URL, payload, demonstration of vulnerability, and remediation instructions.

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