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Workflow automation tools for security & risk teams

Maximize your team’s impact on organizational cybersecurity with SaltyCloud’s proven solutions.
Our Solutions

Isora: Simplify your IT risk assessments. Measure and quantify organization-wide risk with a simplified workflow and unlimited delegation.

Conduct questionnaire based IT risk assessments


Dorkbot: Discover web app vulnerabilities. Join over 500 universities globally protecting their websites from XSS, SQLi, and other web vulnerabilities.

Stop SQL injection & other web app vulnerabilities


Phishslap: Conduct phishing simulations at scale. Educate users to identify possible phishing emails and report them instead of clicking on bait.

Reduce phishing clicks and improve user awareness


Stache: Securely escrow & share sensitive credentials. Leverage a streamlined and secure platform to protect and share credentials across your organization.

Safeguard, escrow, & share sensitive credentials


Panopticon: Automate Incident Response

Orchestrate & automate last mile incident response


Lightweight & Flexible

In an extremely crowded cybersecurity marketplace, we deliver lightweight & flexible solutions that maximize the effectiveness of security & risk teams. Our tools are easy to use, fit your budget, and are proven at scale.

SaltyCloud: For Infosec, By Infosec

For Infosec, By Infosec

Our solutions were developed in the infosec trenches at UT Austin and Georgia Tech.  They solve the real and acute pain points experienced at large, highly distributed and regulated environments.

SaltyCloud: Proven at Scale

Proven at scale

Our solutions are currently deployed across large, distributed networks at over 850 organizations, including some of the world’s largest organizations, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and beyond.

SaltyCloud: Efficient and Automated

Efficient & Automated

Our solutions are AWS hosted and offered on a SaaS model. They focus on workflow automation that helps you and your team do more with less.


Covering information security & risk strategies, regulation, and news for highly distributed and regulated environments.

We’re a startup from Austin, Texas.

We’ve been working hard since 2017. Since then, we’ve been selected for two accelerator programs and become member of four startup programs.

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