Saltycloud Announces the Migration of STACHE to Cloud

Enterprise Grade Encryption Key Management Solution Moves to AWS

Austin, TX: Today, Salty Cloud, PBC, a SaaS InfoSec company specializing in providing scalable security solutions to EDU and government sectors, announced the migration of STACHE to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

STACHE, an enterprise solution to securely store, share and escrow encryption keys and other sensitive credentials (eg, passwords, numbers, procedures, keys), was previously only available as a locally deployed application requiring an accompanying Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliance.

Migration of STACHE to AWS will allow for faster deployment and onboarding rather than locally installing and configuring software and hardware onsite. STACHE AWS instance leverages multiple layers of industry standard AES-256/SHA-256 keys to ensure data is fully encrypted at rest and during flight.

“We are really pleased to be leveraging Stache for our campus’ password management and escrow needs – and the fact that it runs completely within the AWS Cloud assures the resilience and scalability we require. Furthermore, Stache leverages the AWS Key management service, which provides a FIPS 140.2 compliant solution without the hassle of maintaining a local HSM device.” said Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Texas at Austin.

The University of Texas at Austin successfully completed its migration of STACHE to the AWS Cloud earlier this morning. All other STACHE customers are scheduled to migrate to cloud between now and mid September 2017.

About Salty Cloud, PBC

SaltyCloud’s mission is to cultivate cyber-secure ecosystems at higher education institution and beyond. Using its suite of information security applications, SaltyCloud delivers proven and scalable information security solutions purpose-built for highly distributed and regulated environments.

SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company. As part of the company’s Public Benefit Mandate, SaltyCloud will provide cybersecurity solutions to higher education institutions at discounted or no costs.