SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company
Our Mission

Cultivate cyber-secure ecosystems at higher education institutions and beyond


Scalable, cloud-based security applications and a positive impact on our societies

To date, we’ve begun to fulfill our mission with over 500 universities globally, and we’re ready to work with the next 500.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we believe business solutions can also make a positive difference in society. We lead our mission with our social mandate which holds us accountable to make an impact through education, technical training, and partnerships.

We’ve outlined our commitments and multi-phased approach in our charter, and we’re excited to share it with you.


Founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas

We believe that the best security solutions derive from understanding the real and acute pain points affecting higher education security and risk teams today. This is why our initial core technology began with five in-licensed products from The University of Texas at Austin and a year later, we in-licensed our sixth product from Georgia Institute of Technology.

As we continue to fulfill our mission with more universities, we also hope to keep working with more security teams to grow our unique portfolio.


Secure, essential, scalable, but not bitter

In information security, a “salt” refers to additional, random characters affixed to the end of sensitive data, like passwords in a database, to increase the difficulty of cracking them. In addition, since antiquity salt has played a fundamental role in preservation of food resources by protecting them from foreign, unseen pathogens.

Adding these uses of salt to the fact that we deploy our security products on the cloud, the name SaltyCloud captures our various goals of providing secure, essential and scalable information security solutions that help protect our higher education customers from today’s security threats.