Streamline your TAC 202 Risk Assessment

GLBA Compliance

Texas State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education are required to comply with the  Texas Administrative Code §202  (TAC 202). More specifically, it asks for compliance with the Texas DIR  Security Controls Standards Catalog  (Catalog) which are roughly based on the NIST 800-53 standards. Security & Risk Teams face several challenges.

  • Tracking, classifying, and assessing critical applications.
  • Managing a TAC 202 Risk Assessment across multiple departments, applications, and individuals
  • Developing TAC 202 questionnaires based on the NIST 800-53 low or moderate controls.
  • Tracking risks, documenting safeguards, and creating reports for auditors and leadership.

Isora grc benefits

Isora GRC streamlines your TAC 202 Risk Assessment. Save time and resources with a purpose-built risk surveying solution and gain powerful risk insights. Protect your organization while effectively demonstrating compliance with the TAC 202 to leadership and auditors.

  • Conduct risk assessments at scale with automated campaigns. Assess any number of departments, applications, and individuals all from a single platform.
  • Manage and assess critical applications. Assign critical applications to owners and launch questionnaires for those specific devices.
  • Start assessing with the preloaded TAC 202 question set, including the NIST 800-53 low and moderate controls. Create variations and customizations using the questionnaire builder.
  • Make data-driven decisions with dynamic reports. Identify where your biggest risks and compliance gaps exist.

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