Regulatory Compliance

Ace your regulatory audits

Ensure regulatory compliance and approach audits with confidence.

Key Features

  • Assessment Engine

    Launch and manage assessments across distinct targets including departments, applications, devices, and vendors.

  • Questionnaire Builder

    Leverage preloaded questionnaires or build your own entirely with custom logic and weighting.

  • Data Analysis

    Identify risks with in-app dashboards and use the API to easily export data into business intelligence tools.

“Isora GRC is helping our university system identify and resolve GLBA compliance gaps, but most importantly, approach our GLBA audit with confidence while freeing our team’s valuable hours.”

Information Security Manager

Midwestern University System

Measure Compliance

Quantify compliance and collect evidence for specific regulations. Launch gap assessments to as little or as many departments in your organization.

Prove Compliance

Remediate any gaps and track improvements over time. Create reports that help auditors see where you’re doing good,how you’ve improved, and where you plan to go next.

Our use cases

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Consolidate your workflow and manage cyber risk at scale.

Vendor Risk

Gain insight into third-party risk and track them in a single repository.

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