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GRC Assessment Platform for Information Security & Assurance Teams
Build stronger safeguards together
Assess security inside and outside your organization more smoothly with Isora. Communicate, collect evidence and identify risk all in a central place.
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Trusted by established organizations & partners
Simplify compliance oversight

Easily invite auditors to Isora to share risk assessments, reports and more

Increase situational awareness

Track where private data is stored, who has access, and how it’s handled in a comprehensive inventory

Be more resilient and responsive

Engage and educate people across your organization to handle information securely

Information Security
Assess and evolve risk management
Efficiently assess security and compliance with a questionnaire-based approach. Organizations of any size can foster more risk awareness with Isora.
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Third-Party Security
Enhance security in your third-party ecosystem
Conduct business more confidently with vendors and other business partners. Isora makes it easy to assess security, ensure compliance and manage risk.
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Isora transforms our approach to information security risk management, enabling our team to have meaningful conversations with people across disciplines, driving security improvements and a culture of risk awareness. It's been a game-changer for us.

Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer

The University of Texas at Austin
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This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step approach to developing a robust risk management program, discusses the importance of a proactive strategy, and introduces Isora GRC, an innovative platform designed to streamline application risk assessment and governance at scale.

Master Third-Party Security Risk Management (TPSRM) with SaltyCloud's guide. Ideal for teams of all sizes. Start building or optimizing your program today.

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How can a GRC Assessment Platform help information security & assurance teams?

A GRC Assessment Platform like Isora empowers information security and assurance teams to effectively deploy their Information Security Risk Management (ISRM), Third-Party Security Risk Management (TPSRM), and Application Security Risk Management (ASRM) programs at scale. By facilitating a collaborative and people-centered approach, Isora simplifies the process of conducting risk self-assessments across the organization. It enables teams to efficiently communicate with various stakeholders, gather necessary evidence, manage and track inventory, and collaboratively address and mitigate risks. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines the assessment and risk management processes but also enhances the organization’s overall security posture and ensures a more integrated and unified approach to information security and assurance.

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