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HIPAA holds healthcare organizations in the US accountable for safeguarding Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI). HIPAA Risk Assessments should be conducted at least annually to identify risks, mitigate them, and avoid data breaches or other incidents that may lead to  serious penalties  from the US Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Security & Risk Teams face several challenges.

  • Keeping track of hundreds if not thousands of devices and applications that house ePHI.
  • Managing a risk assessment across multiple departmental units, ePHI devices, applications, and individuals.
  • Tracking risks, documenting safeguards, and creating reports for auditors and leadership.


Isora GRC helps you streamline your HIPAA Risk Assessments. Save time and resources while gaining valuable risk insights. Protect your healthcare organization’s valuable ePHI data and demonstrate compliance to the OCR.

  • Discover and assess ePHI devices and applications. Import asset inventories and launch classification questionnaires to owners and end-users.
  • Assess any number of departmental units, ePHI devices, applications, and individuals all from a single platform.
  • Make data-driven decisions with dynamic reports. Identify where your biggest risks and compliance gaps exist.

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