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Securely Share & Store Sensitive Credentials

STACHE is a sensitive key, password, and certificate manager. It provides an organization with a streamlined, secure, and cloud-based solution to protect data while allowing collaboration and escrow capabilities amongst colleagues.

Escrow & Recover

Reliably escrow and recover sensitive data in the event the owner is unavailable.

Trusted Platform

Rely on a platform built and designed for EDU rather than asking users to leverage products intended for personal use.

S/MIME Certificates

Easily store and escrow S/MIME digital certificates issued via InCommon using built-in API capabilities.

Get the STACHE Tech Sheet

Get the tech sheet! Learn how STACHE leverages layers of government-grade security standards to safeguard sensitive data in the cloud.

All Sizes Welcome

STACHE is proven at scale to handle large, distributed organizations. At the same, STACHE is so simple and lightweight that it’s perfect for small teams too.


Largest Deployment

30,000+ Active Users
9+ Years in Service

Higher Education Pricing

As a Public Benefit Company, Salty Cloud offers significant discounts to higher education and non-profit institutions. Contact us for enterprise pricing.

Limited Deployment?

Looking to roll out STACHE to only your Security and/or IT teams? Contact us for more details.

Monthly Payments

All prices (USD) are based on an annual prepaid contract. Monthly payments (e.g., p-card) available. Contact us for more details.

Contact Us

We’re here to answer any questions. STACHE helps organizations of any size protect sensitive data while allowing escrow and collaboration features.