SaltyCloud Announces Signup of 250th Campus for Dorkbot Service

Austin, TX: Salty Cloud, PBC, a SaaS InfoSec company specializing in providing scalable security solutions to EDU and government sectors, announced today its 250th EDU campus deployment for the Dorkbot service. Dorkbot is a hosted and automated web application vulnerability scanner that assesses and evaluates potential vulnerabilities on high-risk webpages.

Dorkbot uses open and publicly sourced information to map a client’s web presence and identify potential vulnerabilities instead of relying on legacy, bandwidth-consuming spidering technology. Web pages with putative vulnerabilities are tested to confirm the presence of the vulnerability and eliminate false positives. Verified vulnerabilities are sent to the client in actionable format including: offending URL, screenshot demonstrating vulnerability, and remediation instructions.

In a recent survey, 53% of Dorkbot users said “Wow – Dorkbot really fills a key gap in my defensive security tool-kit.” One user commented “[Dorkbot is] a shining light in the choppy sea of security products that want our time and money.”


STACHE is a sensitive key, password, and certificate manager. It provides an organization with a streamlined, secure, and cloud-based solution to protect data while allowing collaboration and escrow capabilities amongst colleagues.  STACHE leverages multiple layers of government grade security to ensure that all data is fully protected at rest and in transit.


About Salty Cloud, PBC

SaltyCloud’s mission is to cultivate cyber-secure ecosystems at higher education institution and beyond. Using its suite of information security applications, SaltyCloud delivers proven and scalable information security solutions purpose-built for highly distributed and regulated environments.

SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company. As part of the company’s Public Benefit Mandate, SaltyCloud will provide cybersecurity solutions to higher education institutions at discounted or no costs.