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SaltyCloud delivers affordable and proven data security solutions at scale to large, distributed and regulated entities.

We aspire to be the leading information security company for Higher Education, Government State, and Local Agencies as well as other Highly Distributed and Regulated Environments.

SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC): 

In addition to our dedication to proven security solutions, at SaltyCloud we want to make a measurable impact on global poverty. Around the world, poverty has a direct effect on people’s basic needs such as food, water, clothing and shelter and puts them and their families at risk of disease and human abuses such as exploitation and trafficking.

We Believe that a business solution to poverty can make a difference. The scope and scale of global poverty are beyond what any individuals, charities or governments can address alone. While government and charity-based aid require ongoing funding and contributions to remain sustainable, they struggle to keep up with the growing problem of poverty. A corporate, profit-based model allows a long-term, sustainable framework to grow at the speed and magnitude required to make a global impact on poverty.

We recognize that profit-based models have caused some organizations to seek profit at all costs, resulting in worker exploitation, deforestation, and environmental pollution.

Our Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) is a for-profit organization with a dual mandate. Our governing documents hold SaltyCloud accountable to deliver benefit to the general public in addition to shareholder profit. The Public Benefit Corporation provides a self-sufficient and scalable model to make a significant impact on world poverty. It is the ideal construct to create shared value, social value for public benefits as well as economic value for shareholders.


SaltyCloud Public Benefit Areas of Focus:

IT Job Training with an Emphasis on Information Security
Leadership Development and Training
Self-Sustainable Economic Investment in Communities



SaltyCloud will focus on these areas in two phases:

Phase 1 – SaltyCloud will donate a percentage of our sales plus employee time to existing organizations and charities doing work consistent with our areas of focus.
Phase 2 – In addition to working with and through aligned organizations, SaltyCloud will build direct operations in support of our Public Benefit mandate.


Ready to Help Out?

Diversify your CyberSecurity Supply Chain – explore SaltyCloud Information Security Solutions today.


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Polak and Warwick. The business solution to poverty. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2013 [book]
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We’re here to answer any questions. SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company dedicated to cultivating cyber-secure ecosystems for higher-education institutions and beyond.