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Isora is the end-to-end workflow automation tool for conducting risk assessment questionnaires.

Streamline your risk assessments.

The end-to-end workflow management tool for conducting risk assessment questionnaires.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Security, risk, and compliance teams in higher ed face a series of unique and challenging obstacles.
Devices are widespread.
Devices are widespread.

Small or large, your campus probably has thousands, if not tens of thousands, of devices and systems across various campuses, schools, and departments.

Measured risk isn’t always accurate.
Risk scoring is inefficient.

In the end, having your team spend time & resources to roll up the risk data manually can cause scoring inconsistencies making it hard to understand risk at present and over time.

Collecting data is pesky.
Data collection is pesky.

With significant ground to cover, tracking down and pestering faculty & staff to answer questions about a device in question can prove unfruitful.

Vendor risk is your risk.
Vendor risk is your risk.

With the increasing shift of data towards cloud-based infrastructures, the challenge of measuring and understanding vendor induced risk is growing exponentially.

Breathe easier.

Meet Isora. Lightweight and scalable, Isora gives you and your team the tools to successfully conduct risk assessment questionnaires.
Isora: Evolve from spreadsheets
Evolve from spreadsheets.

Collate questions & employ questionnaires to track and manage responses.

Isora: Enlist the right people
Enlist the right people.

Send notifications and delegate device responsibility down the hierarchy.

Isora: Get a handle on devices
Get a handle on devices.

Pull in devices from across your campus using your current network tools.

Isora: Make strategic risk decisions
Make strategic risk decisions.

Create robust reports that help you quantify and understand where risk lives.

Isora: Get started in no time
Get started in no time.

No dedicated teams or on-premise builds required to start assessing risk.

Isora: One centralized platform
One centralized platform.

End-to-end risk management on a single cloud-based application.

From the pro:

Cameron Beasley

The University of Texas at Austin, CISO

For over a decade, we have been using Isora to conduct annual risk assessments across our 195 unique, self-governing departments and classify roughly 108,000 hardware devices.

Isora risk mapping

See it in action!

We can show you, your team, and your stakeholders how Isora can fit your specific campus needs.

Leverage the workflows.

Starting big or starting small, Isora can help you achieve your campus’s specific needs.
Isora: Classify your hardware assets
Classify your hardware assets.

Understand what data is on what systems, what users and units have access, and how it is being controlled.

Isora: Demonstrate regulatory compliance
Demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Conduct campus-wide IT risk assessments across any question set or security framework (eg, NIST, ISO, COBIT, ITIL).

Isora: Measure third-party vendor risk
Measure third-party vendor risk.

Send vendor assessment questionnaires outside your organization. Efficiently capture, collate and report risk across your vendors.

Predictable pricing.

No two campuses are the same. As part of our public benefit charter, we offer significant discounts to higher education institutions based on their needs and size.

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Isora for all.

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