Achieve visibility without spreadsheets or dedicated teams

Accurate Results
Spreadsheets introduce a large margin of error. Isora GRC provides an automated workflow that produces insights you can trust.

Fewer Resources
Legacy software solutions require dedicated teams to deploy and manage. Isora GRC is easily deployed and can be managed by a single admin.

Why visibility matters

Critical data lives across your organization, in devices, across departments, managed by employees and increasingly, vendors. When you have visibility into your organization, you can better understand where to prioritize your information security efforts, and in turn, mitigate risks and prove regulatory compliance.

“Before, we were managing compliance with spreadsheets: it was costly, unscalable, and untrustworthy. Isora GRC makes it easier to prove compliance and manage risks across our large, complex campus.”

Cam Beasley
CISO, The University of Texas at Austin

Scale your assessments with ease

Managing assessments across your organization can seem like a pipe dream. Isora GRC enables the assessment lifecycle. Easily get started with a few departments and over time replicate your success across the rest of your organization.

Phase One
  • Start with the most pressing regulation.
  • Assess a small number of departments.
  • Make improvements and demonstrate compliance.
Phase Two
  • Expand assessment to the broader organization.
  • Compare compliance across the organization.
  • Make strategic decisions and justify budgets.

Choose the easier way to conduct GRC assessments