How it works?

Isora GRC enables the assessment lifecycle on a single, automated, and integrated platform.

01. Scope

Manage questionnaires and launch assessments for multiple targets and compliance goals.

02. Assess

Survey people, collect evidence, and gain visibility into your organization’s risk posture.

03. Report

Use in-app reports or export data into business intelligence tools for deeper analysis and custom reporting.

4. Remediate

Prioritize risk gaps, justify budgets, and ensure a cyber resilient organization.

Ready to get started?

Isora GRC comes preloaded with the standards and regulations that matter most to your organization.



TAC 202


Secure Controls Framework (SCF)

Isora GRC leverages the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) to provide out-of-the-box question sets across over a hundred laws, regulations, and security frameworks.

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