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Cyber Resilience in Higher Education, 2024 Guidebook

Modern higher education institutions face a unique mix of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance challenges. Today, striking the right balance all comes down to cyber resilience. But what is cyber resilience, and why is it important? Learn more with a free copy of our in-depth guidebook.

With insights from the infosec teams at:

In this definitive guide to cyber resilience for information security teams we’ll cover the cybersecurity and regulatory compliance challenges (e.g., GLBA, CMMC, HIPAA, and others)  facing higher education institutions and how you can address them with a risk-based strategy that maintains cyber resilience as a North Star.

You’ll Discover:

  • What cyber resilience is and why it’s important to higher education institutions.
  • The three most pivotal information security risk management initiatives for higher education institutions.
  • Proven steps you can take to get started on the path toward cyber resilience today.
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