SaltyCloud Security Startup Signs Up 500th Campus

AUSTIN, TX — SaltyCloud, a startup providing information security applications for higher education and beyond, announced its 500th Dorkbot client. The news comes after Amazon’s AWS EdStart Accelerator accepted SaltyCloud into the program. The milestone shows that SaltyCloud is making serious headway in its mission to meet the security needs of universities, state agencies, and local agencies.


What is Dorkbot?

Dorkbot is a program that automates discovery and verification of keyword-based cache searches (also known as “Google Dorking”) to find potential web app vulnerabilities and validate them efficiently rather than direct spidering/scanning across domains. Once identified, Dorkbot automatically tests potential vulnerabilities through direct scanning. This has proven to be an efficient and effective method to identify and verify web app vulnerabilities at scale.

During the past 18 months over 500 EDUs and almost 50 state/local agencies have subscribed to Dorkbot. During that time Dorkbot has searched the cache of tens of millions of web-pages, identified hundreds of thousands of putative vulnerabilities for testing, and successfully verified and reported over 26,000 Web Application Vulnerabilities. The University of Texas Information Security Office created Dorkbot, and they continue to manage the service for the higher education community.

SaltyCloud clients have received Dorkbot very well. In a recent survey, 53% of the service’s users chose the sentiment: “Wow – Dorkbot really fills a gap in my defensive security tool-kit.”


Information Security Remains a TOP IT Issue for Higher Education

Information Security has topped the higher education list of IT issues for the past several years according to surveys done by leading industry group EDUCAUSE. Schools struggle with increasing risk exposure and consequences while resources remain constrained.

Dorkbot helps make a difference for schools in identifying significant numbers of web application vulnerabilities across campus web domains. These vulnerabilities can result in unauthorized data release and put campuses at risk of fines and reputational damage. Dorkbot also automatically verifies vulnerabilities that give clients actionable results instead of time-consuming false positives. Dorkbot now helps over 500 campuses stay increasingly vigilant across their entire web domains.

About Salty Cloud, PBC

SaltyCloud’s mission is to cultivate cyber-secure ecosystems at higher education institution and beyond. Using its suite of information security applications, SaltyCloud delivers proven and scalable information security solutions purpose-built for highly distributed and regulated environments.

SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company. As part of the company’s Public Benefit Mandate, SaltyCloud will provide cybersecurity solutions to higher education institutions at discounted or no costs.