SaltyCloud In-Licences Cybersecurity IP from The University of Texas at Austin

Includes multiple security applications including a complete security orchestration, 
automation, and reporting (SOAR) incident management workflow solution

Austin, TX: Today, Salty Cloud, PBC, a SaaS InfoSec company specializing in providing scalable security solutions to EDU and government sectors, announced that they have acquired exclusive, worldwide rights to multiple InfoSec applications including: ISORA, STACHE, DORKBOT, SENF and PANOPTICON from The University of Texas at Austin.



An institution-wide Risk Assessment solution to inventory, classify, and evaluate regulatory compliance across systems, units and/or devices.


Enterprise solution to security store, share and escrow encryption keys and other sensitive credentials (eg, passwords, numbers, procedures, keys).


Automatic web application vulnerability scanner. Efficiently identifies and evaluates high risk webpages for the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities.


A simple client to identify sensitive information (SSNs, CCNs, etc) across your systems and devices.


A complete Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) workflow management solution. Allows clients to effectively and efficiently navigate the last mile of Incident Management.


“We are excited to partner with UT’s Information Security Office to commercialize these highly unique security solutions. Unlike existing security solutions in the market today, these products were purpose-built to thrive at scale in highly distributed and perimeter-less EDU environments. The technology is already proven with wide-area instances deployed successfully across UT and other education campuses across the state of Texas.” Isaac Garcia, Board Advisor for Salty Cloud.

The future product roadmap includes migrating the applications to a cloud service to allow faster and easier customer deployment.

About Salty Cloud, PBC

SaltyCloud’s mission is to cultivate cyber-secure ecosystems at higher education institution and beyond. Using its suite of information security applications, SaltyCloud delivers proven and scalable information security solutions purpose-built for highly distributed and regulated environments.

SaltyCloud is a Public Benefit Company. As part of the company’s Public Benefit Mandate, SaltyCloud will provide cybersecurity solutions to higher education institutions at discounted or no costs.