SaltyCloud Announces Write API for STACHE

AUSTIN, TX — SaltyCloud, a startup providing information security applications for higher education and beyond, announced the migration of STACHE to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

STACHE, an enterprise solution to securely store, share and escrow encryption keys and other sensitive credentials (eg, passwords, numbers, procedures, keys), has added write API functionality to allow a number of different workflows to be streamlined.

Previously an owner of a STACHE entry could enable read-API functionality for a given item allowing access to the item by read-only API calls. This is useful for s/ mime encryption key management, Admin encryption/ decryption keys (log and storage logic) and other templates/ rule based logic. Now the STACHE write API can further streamline things like account and resource provisioning on campus as well as other workflows.

We store a lot of metadata in STACHE dealing with automated deployments of services in AWS (e.g., Docker image versions, Docker parameters, etc), and we’re making extensive use of the read API to retrieve secrets used by Docker images. We plan on using the write API to update this metadata in an automated way (e.g., via CI/CD workflows), rather than updating the STACHE entries manually (which is how we currently manage things).

— Stache Power User


STACHE is a sensitive key, password, and certificate manager. It provides an organization with a streamlined, secure, and cloud-based solution to protect data while allowing collaboration and escrow capabilities amongst colleagues.  STACHE leverages multiple layers of government grade security to ensure that all data is fully protected at rest and in transit.


About Salty Cloud, PBC

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