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Updated February 27, 2024  •  Read Time 2 mins

SaltyCloud launches its second free-to-edu security solution to the higher ed infosec community, Isora for Vendor Risk, at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference.

At the intersection of innovation and prosperity, we believe that higher ed is the gateway toward a better world. This is why we made it part of our DNA to support the security pros who day in and day out protect the critical infrastructures that make it possible to learn, teach, and conduct research.

Since 2017, we’ve been working closely with the The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) Information Security Offices (ISO). Together, we believe we can enrich and provide access to free and low-cost cybersecurity tools for the rest of the community—because the best solutions are often the ones built in the trenches, 4EDUxEDU.

Dorkbot, our first free offering, was developed at UT Austin to help automate the discovery of web application vulnerabilities. Since its inception, it has now been adopted at hundreds of universities across the globe and has successfully verified tens of thousands of potentially catastrophic vulnerabilities.

Staying true to our commitment, we’re excited to launch our latest offering to community: Isora for Vendor Risk. We know that higher eds work with hundreds, if not thousands, of third-party vendors on a daily basis. Understanding the layers of risk they introduce can help infosec and risk teams evaluate bidding vendors and ensure that they remain complaint throughout their relationship.

Isora for Vendor risk will allow higher eds to request HECVAT questionnaires from vendors, measure their risk, and compare risk scores across vendors within specific verticals—all within one cloud-hosted platform. Completed assessments will remain archived in the system and will be accessible by all members of the community, ultimately providing crowdsourced and open access to valuable risk data. Isora for Vendor risk will be launched at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference in Chicago alongside UT Austin CISO, Cam Beasley.

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