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Flexible questionnaire-based risk assessments.

Assess risk by framework or compliance and ensure policy or regulatory compliance.

Regulations and policies help direct your efforts to where work needs to be done. They ensure a minimum confidence that security preparations and controls are in place. With Isora, quickly use the out-of-the-box question sets, such as HIPAA, NIST 800-181 (CUI), or create and amend your own. Send questionnaires to individuals across your organization, identify risk and compliance gaps, and make improvements over time.

Assess risk and ensure compliance with Isora.

Choose, create, or amend question sets icon

Choose, create, or amend question sets.

Your institution is unique. Isora lets you quickly choose from preloaded and popular frameworks and regulations. Easily amend questions and questions sets, or create completely new ones to assess across policies, frameworks or regulations most relevant to your organization.

  • Chose preloaded question sets for NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, CIS 20, HIPAA, GLBA, and more.
  • Create and amend questions directly in Isora or upload your own with CSV upload.
  • Upload legacy questions and responses through the API for continuity and historic look at risk over time.
Get 100% assessment completion icon

Get 100% assessment completion.

Finding the right people across your organization can prove challenging, let alone getting them to respond. Isora lets you assign responsibility to key individuals and delegate questionnaires down the hierarchy. Together with in-app email reminders, hold everyone accountable for their part of the assessment.

  • Ensure assessment completion by delegating responsibility to key individuals.
    • Assign role-based permissions to unit heads, assessment managers, end-users and more.
  • Track assessment completion with the assessment progress dashboard.
    • Display progress of assessment by unit or key individuals.
  • Inform and remind respondents of questionnaires with in-app mail merge notifications.
Measure and mitigate risk over time icon.

Measure & mitigate risk over time.

With the assessment completed, you can now view, digest, and ultimately respond to the results. Isora provides you with robust risk reports that help you see compliance and risk gaps across your organization. For your respondents, Isora shows them where they are relative to organization averages and provides immediate remediation guidelines. Make more strategic risk decisions, and with every subsequent assessment, improve your compliance satisfaction and your risk posture.

  • Understand organization-wide and departmental-level risk with a single risk score.
  • Quickly view overall security posture with risk maps.
  • Discover specific compliance and risk gaps with unit and category risk scores.
  • Demonstrate continuous improvements with trend graphs.

Other use cases.

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