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Vendor risk is your risk.

Send HECVAT questionnaires to vendors and assess their risk.

Managing the risk introduced into your internal organization by your external vendors is a foundational element of a mature risk program and is becoming an increasingly common requirement of various IT security regulations. Vendor risk is now your risk—a breach of a vendor database or system can now become your breach or worse, provide a back door into your own systems. Isora helps you streamline your Vendor Risk Management) VRM process.

Manage vendor risk with Isora.

Access and request HECVAT assessments icon

Access & request HECVAT assessments.

Your organization works with hundreds if not thousands of vendors. Collecting and integrating vendor risk information is a challenging but important part of your risk assessment program. Isora lets you access previously completed assessments by others as well as send requests for a new one.

  • Search for and access previously completed HECVAT assessments on the EDU database.
  • Create and launch new assessments to vendors or request updates to prior assessments.
  • Track assessment completion with the assessment progress dashboard.
Evaluate vendors more effectively icon

Evaluate vendors more effectively.

Vendors are an increasingly important part of your overall risk ecosystem. Move past check-the-box spreadsheets during procurement and better understand specific areas of risk for any given vendor or across your vendors.

  • Leverage a single platform for all your vendor assessments.
  • Understand vendor risk with quantitative risk scoring.
  • Benchmark vendor risk with dynamic reporting across industry verticals.
  • Monitor vendors for improvement over time.

Other use cases.

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Classify your assets with Isora.
Classify hardware assets.

Create device inventories, delegate inventory for classification, and create actionable reports to understand device-level risk insights.


Prove regulatory compliance with Isora.
Assess risk and ensure compliance.

Send questionnaires across your enterprise, discover risk and compliance gaps, and make improvements year-over-year.


UT Austin Case Study

Discover how UT Austin, one of the largest higher education institutions in the US, has continually improved its risk posture over the past 12 years with Isora.