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The lightweight, collaborative, vendor risk management (VRM) tool for conducting the HECVAT.

In partnership with The University of Texas at Austin

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Over 175 higher ed institutions across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia have joined Isora Lite since we launched at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference alongside our higher ed research partner.

Our vision is that the greater acceptance across the community, the more organizations that will use Isora Lite to complete HECVAT assessments, and the more comprehensive the repository of completed assessments will be. 

Here’s what Isora Lite will do for you:

Streamline your vendor risk management (VRM) process.

Request HECVAT and HECVAT Lite questionnaires from vendors.

Search previously completed HECVATs on the database.

Access vendor risk scores and dynamic reports.

Interested in conducting org-wide risk assessments? Learn more about Isora GRC/IRM.

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