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Isora is the end-to-end workflow management team for conducting risk assessment questionnaires.
SaltyCloudIsoraClassify Hardware Assets

Classify hardware assets.

Gather accurate device usage data from end-users and gain actionable device-level risk insights.

Gathering device data from people across your campus is not easy. Nevertheless, getting a handle on them is the first step towards achieving a secure device ecosystem. This is why CIS 20 and many other standards prioritize “inventory and control of hardware of assets” as a first step. With Isora, you can quickly curate device inventories and delegate inventory for classification to understand where your most critical devices are and what type of data they contain. Gain device-level risk visibility and secure your ecosystem in no time.

Classify your assets with Isora.

Import device inventories icon

Import device inventories.

Whether your inventory is on spreadsheets, CMDB, spread across your network tools , or all of the above, Isora can help. Isora’s robust API and CSV upload lets you collect your assets in one place, assign ownership, delegate for classification, and run inventory reports and more.

  • Import devices and their meta-data efficiently using device discovery or CMDB tools.
  • Connect other device sources via the read/write API or CSV upload.
  • Incorporare your concept of organization using your Active Directory or LDAP.
    • No concept of organization? Build one from scratch with unlimited nesting directly on Isora.
  • Manage asset locations and ownership across your organization.
Request input icon

Request input from the entire organization.

Asking the end-user how they use their device is the only way to gain insight. Survey tools simplify this procedure, but over-complicate the already complex process. Isora streamlines the collection of device information through questionnaire automation while consolidating device information from across campus.

  • Align devices to users accurately using the Concept of Organization
  • Delegate simple questionnaires to end-users or departmental IT staff for input.
  • Create questionnaires based on your campus’s classification schema (e.g.,confidential, public, surplus, etc.).
    • For confidential systems, prompt end-users to disclose the type of confidential information (PHI, PII, etc.).
Understand device level risk icon

Understand device-level risk.

The goal of classifying devices is to gain actionable insights. Gain visibility and highlight devices that pose a greater risk and flag them for greater diligence and security controls. After all, you wouldn’t want to treat a laptop with access to medical records the same way you would a surplus network phone.

  • Quickly investigate asset-based risk with out-of-the-box reports and reporting engine.
  • Export CSV data or leverage the reporting API to process and visualize data in a way that makes the most sense to your campus.
    • Leverage the pre-built Power BI reports for further analysis such as summarizing the locations of all confidential laptops without encryption.

Other use cases.

Discover the many ways Isora can help you measure, manage, and mitigate IT risk.
Prove regulatory compliance with Isora.
Assess risk and ensure compliance.

Send questionnaires across your enterprise, discover risk and compliance gaps, and make improvements year-over-year.


Measure vendor risk with Isora.
Manage vendor risk.

Send questionnaires to vendors and third parties, assess their risk, and make informed decisions on who your organization works with.


UT Austin Case Study

Discover how UT Austin, one of the largest higher education institutions in the US, has continually improved its risk posture over the past 12 years with Isora.