EDUCAUSE SPC 2020 Risk Assessment Webinar

Hear from Allison Henry, CISO at the University of California, Berkeley, and Cam Beasley, CISO at The University of Texas at Austin to learn about their:

  • risk management strategies
  • Campus-wide risk assessments
  • Vendor risk assessment process
  • Future risk management initiatives
  • Lessons learned

Also included is an update on the GLBA Safeguards Rule audit objective from Jarret Cummings, Senior Advisor for Policy and Government Relations at EDUCAUSE.

“Another big thing is communication. We spent the last six months doing campus road shows, talking to every IT group, leadership group, really any group that wants to know about IS3. More communication is always better. When we go with an ask, ‘here’s a program we want to put in place,’ it’s not a surprise because people have heard about it before.”

Allison Henry
CISO, University of California Berkeley